Arkro Powder Coating - Personal Attention and Technical Expertise


About Us

Why choose Arkro Powder Coatings

At Arkro, when we do a job, we do it only once. Because we do it right - the first time.

Arkro Coatings New Zealand is a well-established family business on Auckland's North Shore, owned and operated by Brian Murphy and son-in-law Steven Carter.

Brian and Steve do all the technical work themselves - start to finish - which translates into excellent, long-lasting results for customers. No corners cut here!

Our team

Brian Murphy has an industrial chemistry background with technical experience in printing inks, metal coatings and resins. After a long career running overseas companies in third world countries, became a general manager for one of Carter Holt Harvey's subsidiaries.

His decision to leave the corporate world and use his vast technical and management experience to run his own business gives Brian more time and energy for the important things in life: scuba diving and golf.

Because he has been a sheet metal engineer all his working life, right from apprenticeship days, there's nothing
Steven Carter doesn't know about metal fabrication. He just loves to talk engineering, knows what's possible and what won't work, which makes him a great person to ask for advice.

While Arkro keeps Steve busy, he still has time to fit in the odd game of squash and spend time with his children.
In eight years Brian and Steve have built Arkro Powder Coating into a solidly successful, highly reputable business, known for its down-to-earth approach, and Kiwi can-do attitude.