Arkro Powder Coating - Personal Attention and Technical Expertise



Good looks and protection - you need both!

When it comes to expensive machinery, outdoor furniture or your favourite vintage car, it's important that any paint job both looks good and offers protection from the elements. A proper paint job gives your asset the good looks and the protection it needs to withstand the elements.

That's why our motto is
preparation, preparation, preparation.

At Arkro Powder Coating, we offer a range of powder coating services to prepare your valuable assets for the long run. We understand that materials technology can change, and that application equipment is becoming more sophisticated, which is why we offer top notch products and services for your needs. We understand the process thoroughly, which lets us know the best way to treat any product.

Our metal powder coating is applicable for several products, including:

  • Auto components and classic motorcycles
  • Marine fittings and equipment
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Architectural windows and balustrades
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Security products

What sets our industrial coating services and our company apart from others:

  • Before starting any job, we find out how and where it's going to be used and advise on the best type of powder coating to suit the requirements
  • All items undergo a multi-step process: pre-treatment, undercoating as required and finishing coats.
  • Jobs are turned around quickly (usually within 48 hours)
  • Promises are never made that can't be kept
  • Superior technical expertise that can't be found elsewhere
  • Corners are never cut so workmanship stands the test of time
  • Up to 10 colour changes a day for a fast delivery time
  • Top-notch quality and service
  • Willing to do one-off custom work
  • Only the best powder coatings used as supplied by:
    • Orica
    • Akzo Nobel
    • Ameron Coatings

Best practice

Running a business today is more than keeping the customers and tax department happy. Arkro has worked hard to ensure its waste disposal practices comply with all relevant health and safety regulations. Hazardous material usage methods comply with the New Zealand HSNO code of practice and the company is fully certified. Clients can rest assured our metal and industrial coating services are of the highest quality both in performance and in complying with regulations. 

Environmental benefits arise because no organic solvents or thinners are used in the manufacture and application of powder coatings. That means there are no discharges or spills of damaging solvent fumes that harm the environment.

In addition, Arkro Powder Coatings is in the process of becoming QNET registered. This quality management system, designed by Orica Powder Coatings Ltd, embodies all aspects of powder coating and ensures compliance with all relevant industry standards.

All together, it means you can rest easy knowing your job will be handled with skill, precision and expertise. Talk to us today and experience first-hand the wonders of our industrial powder coating services.